The Residenza S. Ilario acts as a University Guesthouse (see infos at It is located in the city center, with good bus connections to the University Campus, where the school takes place. The cost for a single room is 45 euros; for a double room the cost is 60 euros.

We reserved a block of 8 single and 6 double rooms, which should be booked via the organizers BEFORE 15 JULY: please tick the relevant box in the application form ("I want to stay at the Residenza S.Ilario"). If you would accept to share a room, please let us know in the "comments" field. 

Please notice that the Residenza accepts web booking (terms and condition could be different); if you tick the box you do not need to do anything else.

Participants who do not have sufficient financial support from their institution can have their accommodation paid by the organizers. To apply for that, tick the relevant box in the application form ("I ask for support") and make sure that this is mentioned in the recommendation letter on your behalf.

If you book accommodation by yourself:

Information on hotels and B&B in Parma are easy to collect, e.g. 

Please make sure you understand how to get to the campus (and how long it takes). See the "Travel infos" page.